Monday, 21 November 2011

INTERVIEWED: Steve Reich & St Vincent for Tank

I talked to both St Vincent aka the incredible Texan Annie Clark, and the truly great modern composer, Steve Reich, for the latest issue of Tank Magazine. Follow the corresponding link below to take a look at each piece.

St. Vincent interview

Steve Reich interview

Friday, 18 November 2011

INTERVIEWED: John Waters for Kilimanjaro

The 'Pope of Trash' himself talked to me for the Roni Horn-dedicated edition of the beautiful art magazine/journal, Kilimanjaro: A Love Letter to Roni Horn. Waters is a good friend of the Harlem-born, Iceland-obsessed artist and an art lover in general. Read the resulting article below:

Band T-shirts for the Telegraph Magazine

The band t-shirt has evolved from the preserve of the insular music geek desperate for some sort of affiliation, to the preserve of the papped LA sleb (see above, one Mr Davide Beckhame of 'Galaxy'; apparently he's a former cockney). Here's a short interview with the lovely Jude Rogers and Ian Wade, the creators of the guaranteed ROFL inducer, MyBandT-shirt.

INTERVIEWED: Erasure for The Stool Pigeon

Erasure were incredible at Mute's Short Circuit festival in April, so I jumped at the chance to interview them for The Stool Pigeon. S'pose the subtext of the piece is the fact that, despite in excess of 25 million records sold, it feels like there has been a media blackout on the band for years. Interview here.