Wednesday, 7 March 2012

INTERVIEWED & REVIEWED: VCMG, Ital & Tim Hecker for The Stool Pigeon

Grouping together the latest stuff for the 'Pigeon. Two of the best records of the year so far - VCMG's SSSS and Ital's Hive Mind - are to some degree reliant on the internet for their very being.

With VCMG - interview here - Vince Clarke and Martin Gore, star-crossed bandmates who have been estranged since Vince walked out on Depeche Mode in the early 80s, made their entire debut via email. They hardly spoke to each other about it, just mailed sounds back and forth from their constituent synth bunkers.

Ital on the other hand cites the internet as the source of no little melancholy; he talked Second Life and emotional blankness with me, despite it being 8am in California due to a time mix-up. I also laid down my two-cents worth on the album.

Oh - and I reviewed Tim Hecker's intense organ recital at St Giles in the Fields. Can't think of a 100% foolproof link to internet culture for this one, but you're reading it online, right?

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