Monday, 28 May 2012

Latest reviews: Personal Space and Planet Mu live

Here are couple of reviews that I've had published this month, that represent a lot of my listening during the year so far. First up, my Quietus review of Numero group's brilliant compilation, Personal Space, a mesmerising DIY experimental soul collection of unique songs, typified by the raw and haunting "My Bleeding Wound" by the New Year (video above).

Also reviewed the Planet Mu takeover at XOYO for The Stool Pigeon, which takes a look at 'Mu's stablemates Kuedo, Rudi Zygadlo, Tropics, Machinedrum and The Host aka Boxcutter, discussing the label's current output that is characterised by music that is "slow yet rushing, emotive yet detached; of probing, explorative sonic dispatches that chime with today’s world in a way that seems uncanny".

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