Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Nearing the end of the summer (already?!) I thought it proper to update folk on what I've been up to.

I interviewed LA's artist of nonchalant surreality, John Baldessari for the tecchy/arty/styley journal Modern Matter. It's on the shelves right now (see the pic above for the Juergen-Teller-Watches-Bayern-Lose-On-Pens cover), but I'll post it inna little while. The magazine got Todd Cole to make the nifty, dreamy movie below which shares the piece's tone of riffing on technology and meaning - "Has the internet made culture more accessible?" asks Cole - which you can watch below.

MATTER MAGAZINE - "JOHN BALDESSARI" from Peter J Brant on Vimeo.

I substantiated a hunch that I possess a 'face for radio' by featuring in two very interesting discussions on Resonance FM in June, with fellow authors and friends of Influx Press' Hackney anthology Acquired for Development By...

The first, which you can listen to here, featured Nell Frizzell, Daniel Kramb and regular appearances of Influx eds Gary Budden and Kit Caless. On the second, a 'psychogeography' special broadcast on June 23rd, Influx writers Brendan Pickett and myself were joined by the indomitable, intellectual pulp prankster, Stewart Home. Listen here.

The anthology has earned some fine reviews from the likes of Ken Worpole (who called my story a "clever exploration"), Sabotage Reviews (who called it a "gloriously circuitous narrative") and Planet Notion (who say that "the ghost of the legendary Four Aces nightclub haunts the newly risen towers of Dalston Square in Tim Burrows’ ‘Dalston Kittiwakes", which is a pretty good description).

The latest issue of Dazed & Confused contains my interview with DIY Godhead R. Stevie Moore, a man with more songs than he's had hot or cold dinners - such as the gorgeous song below, Here Comes Summer, one of many which give us a glimpse into the Brian-Wilson-but-better aspect of his wildly varied songcraft.

PLUS my interview with Michael Gira of Swans is in the latest Stool Pigeon, in which he explains to me the futility of writing for music magazines with a friendly chuckle. I'll post both full Swans 'n' Stevie pieces when they're available online.

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